The Tweet That Was Heard Around The City

On Friday, Ms. McPherson stopped by our classroom as we were putting the finishing touches on our Remembrance Day class project. She loved it so much that she took a picture of our work and tweeted it on the Rawlinson Twitter account.

Over the weekend, it was retweeted a bunch of times and today our work ended up on the TDSB Facebook page. We are famous! How exciting that we get to share our work with a wider audience!

Here’s the link:

Room 216 on Facebook


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Data Management

Hi friends and family!

A few weeks ago, we completed our first math unit of the year. We learned how to collect, sort, organize and interpret data. As our culminating project, the students each thought of a question they wanted to ask other classes in the school. Then they travelled to other classrooms around in data collection teams, asking their survey questions. They recorded the responses in a tally chart and then displayed their data using both bar graphs and pictographs. Finally, they interpreted their data and explained what they found out.

Here are some examples of this project:







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Hi friends and families of Room 216,

Welcome to our class blog for the 2014-2015 school year. Thanks for your patience while I got acquainted with the students, transitioned back to school after a summer vacation and got this site up and running.

It’s been a great year so far and we are excited to share a little more about our learning in Room 216.

On this blog you will get updates about what we’ve been up to in class and special events that are happening here at Rawlinson. Check back often, or subscribe to be alerted to the latest developments 🙂

Enjoy our blog so far. We are glad you are reading!

Ms. Toombs

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